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My clients have, over the years, expressed interest and concern with respect to local water resources and water quality. This is understandable given this is the desert, we have been in the midst of a drought and that the growth rate here has been so rapid. I will give you some basic data plus helpful telephone numbers. Most of our drinking water comes from Lake Mead (Colorado River). Between October and May, only water from Lake Mead is used. During the summer months, ground water is blended with treated water from the lake to meet peak demand. The Southern Nevada Water Authority has projected that with presently used water allocations plus allocations that have not as yet been tapped, including ground water resources in Lincoln and White Pine County, our water supply should be adequate until the year 2025. Plans are also underway to provide adequate water supplies after the year 2025. At this point in time, we use a “net” 300,000 acre feet of water a year. This net figure is arrived at by computing the total water used, less the credit given for reclaimed water that flows back into the Colorado River. Projects underway by the Southern Nevada Water Authority should increase the available “net” figure to around 600,000 acre feet of water per year, within the next 15 years. The water quality here is regarded as good. All contaminants that exist in our water are well below the EPA limits and in many cases below the goals set by the EPA. The water here is somewhat hard with an average hardness of 17 grains per gallon. The minerals that contribute to this hardness, primarily calcium and magnesium, are generally regarded as harmless. Note: If you arrived at this page other than via my homepage I invite you to click here for a complete source of Las Vegas real estate information. I hope this was a helpful summary of Las Vegas water

Las Vegas Valley Water District Public Information Division- 1-702-258-3930.

EPA’s Safe Drinking Water Hotline- 1-800-426-4791.

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