Las Vegas area, Clark County Nevada property tax information

Including Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas and most of unincorporated Clark County

I often receive inquiries with respect to Las Vegas property tax information. Below is information that should address this issue in a general way. There are 92 separate tax districts in Clark County, all with their own rates. I have used as a rule of thumb, that yearly property taxes are around 1% of the value of a property. The actual rates for most of Clark County for the tax year 2008-2009 run from .87% to 1.117%. Below is information on how the process works and how taxes are determined.


In Clark County, the Assessor determines the value of all property. The Treasurer then determines the property taxes owed.


The Assessor values all property subject to taxation. The Assessor is required by Nevada law to discover, list and value all property within the county. The property is assessed at 35% of its current appraised value.


The County Treasurer’s office bills and collects taxes on all real property in Clark County. The office distributes the tax dollars to the various taxing entities including the state, county, school district, cities, libraries and other special districts.


A tax district is an area defined within a county for taxing purposes. There are currently 92 separate tax districts in Clark County. The tax rate for each district is based on the amount of monies budgeted for government-provided services, such as schools, police, fire, parks, libraries, and capital projects, such as flood control and transportation.

The property tax rates for most all of Clark County range from 2.4863 to 3.3552 for the tax year 2008-2009. A home that is found to be valued at $200,000 and given that the property is assessed at 35% of current value, this home would show an assessed value of $70,000. You are then taxed at the above rates for every $100 of assessed value. Given the above tax rates, this $200,000 home would have property taxes for the current year ranging from $1,740.41 to $2348.64.


If you have general questions or questions regarding your property or a property you are considering buying, call 1-702-455-3882. A receptionist usually answers the phone and if necessary, will transfer you to an assessor to help.


If, in your opinion, the taxable value of your property exceeds the value indicated in the real estate market, you can call or come in to the Assessor’s Office and discuss your appraisal with an appraiser in the Assessor’s Office.

If, after discussing the matter with the Assessor’s staff, a difference of opinion still exists, you may appeal your assessment to the County Board of Equalization. You may obtain the forms from the Assessor’s Office during the month of December and until the deadline for filing, which is January 15 unless it falls on a holiday or weekend, which then would make the deadline the next business day. Please call (702) 455-3891 to have an appeal form mailed to you. The forms are relatively easy so you may represent yourself rather than incur legal expenses.

If the County Board, after hearing your petition, still agrees with the Assessor’s appraisal, you may appeal the County Board’s decision to the State Board of Equalization. If the State Board also agrees with the Assessor’s Office and you still disagree, you may take your appeal to District Court.

Las Vegas property tax information.

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