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Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson


One of the first questions my relocating clients have had over the years has to do with Las Vegas crime information. Where is it safe to live? Above is a map built from Padmapper.Com. It shows a crime overlay of the Las Vegas area with the yellow areas highest in crime with green next and with no color overlay the safest areas. It can deceive in that it includes only those areas serviced by the Metropolition Police Dept. There is no overlay for Henderson of North Las Vegas. What it does show is that as a rule of thumb, the farther you go out from the center of the city the safer it becomes. You will see that for example the Summerlin area has no overlay color at all. It is also interesting to note that even in the central areas there are ‘islands” of relatively low crime. The city of Henderson, in the southern part of the valley, was rated in 2011 by Forbes Magazine the 3rd safest mid-size city in the United States.

The great news is that there are now tools that will allow you evaluate any given area around any given address, intersection, park, school or zip code as to its safety. These tools are courtesy of the police departments of Las Vegas ( servicing Las Vegas and all the unincorporated areas of the valley), North Las Vegas and Henderson. Below are links to this Las Vegas crime information and a description of the tools involved.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police crime view


You can search by crime type, time period, and area such as near a landmark such as school or park. You can also search address, intersection or zip code. If it is a specific location you can select a radius from 500 ft. to 1 mile to display results. The results are displayed as icons on map. You can click on icons for details.

Henderson Crime Search tool

Pretty nifty tool. Allows you to search the area around an intersection, school, park, address or a zip code. Shows numbers for various types of crimes for the most recent two month period.

North Las Vegas crime view community

Search by address, intersection council ward, park, police beat, police district and zip code. You can then select a time period of up to 90 days. Results display on a map in the way of icons.

The top image comes from This site functions as an rental locator but has a nice crime overlay tool. Enter Las Vegas as the search area. Click on “advanced filters”, then on “super secret advanced filters”. Check the box “Spot Crime Crime Overlay” If you wish to remove the icons for rentals, uncheck the boxes for “sources” You can them zoom in or out and scroll to any particular area of interest.

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