Seller’s Corner

Selling your home can be a daunting process. My job is to make that process easier. I have lived in this community for many years and have represented both buyers and sellers in helping them achieve their objectives. Most of the residents here who consider selling share one thing in common, they have been through this process many times before and “know the ropes” so to speak, very well.

What I can offer you is my years of experience as a Realtor, Senior Escrow Officer and loan processor. In these capacities I have been involved in thousands of real estate transactions. There is really no substitute for this or equivalent experience. I applied this experience for 10 years as an instructor of real estate accredited classes at UNLV and college accredited classes at Clark County Community College.  You can check out my “credentials” link above for more detailed information as to my background.

Below is a little “self-help tutorial” with respect to selling your home here, in Sun City Anthem, as well as a little self-promotion. I hope you find it worthwhile.

Pricing your home

Check the latest sales and latest sales trends. There are links here on my site that can assist you including currently listed properties, properties currently in escrow,  recent closed sales plus statistics, charts and graphs that will give much of the information you will need to make an intelligent pricing decision. In addition to this analysis, as you well know, there are many other variables and these I believe I can help you with. Here in Sun City Anthem, almost every lot is unique. There are high-side lots, low-side lots, lots with strip views, valley views as well as those with little, if any view. Some lots are more private than others some back to roads. Condition of your home and upgrades and improvements also have to be assessed and valued. The objective is to get you the highest price possible and as quickly as possible.

Marketing your home

The internet is king, simple as that. My typical Sun City Anthem buyer has already viewed available properties on-line and decided what they want to see. Today’s buyer is empowered! They will take suggestions, however, in that they know I do know the community well.  It is critical that your home is listed properly with photos and virtual tours that show it off on-line as well as possible. Nothing is more key than this.

As a Realtor I know that I have been one of the most effective internet marketers in the Las Vegas, Henderson area from many years, particularly with respect to age restricted communities.  Do a Google search using the keywords  “Sun City Anthem”.  I am almost always listed on the first page and often the first non-paid link. Google again “Las Vegas age restricted”. My search results are usually all over the first page. My buyers have come from all over the country and from many foreign countries, including United Kingdom, Canada, China, Japan, Germany and The United Arab Emirates. Usually they are U.S. citizens re-locating from abroad.

What next?

Do your research. Below is a short form. Fill it out, if you like, and I will send to you, via email, a preliminary market report on your home including a comparable sales analysis. I will get this to you within 24 hours. I also encourage you to call me or to email me with any questions you may have. REMEMBER, I AM YOUR NEIGHBOR!

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