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Sandy Valley – Nevada

sandy valley

Sandy Valley homes for sale – property search
Focused search reflecting only homes currently listed for sale in Sandy Valley. This information is updated every 24 hours.

Below is a showcase of some of the currently listed properties in Sandy Valley, Nevada. This information is updated every 24 hours.

Sandy Valley is about 50 miles from Las Vegas in real miles and might as well be at the other end of the world in terms of lifestyle. Pictured above is a home at Sky Ranch where, as you see, you park your aircraft as you would your car. There is a landing strip down the center of this development. Also pictured above is the most impressive commercial structure in town, the local general store. There is very little here in the way of services, however there is a post office. There is now a K thru 12 public school in Sandy Valley. Sandy Valley is relatively close to Las Vegas and many of the residents work in Las Vegas. You can choose to live either in California or Nevada as the state line runs through the center of the valley. Inyo County as well as San Bernardino County are on the California side with Clark County on the Nevada side. Most of the homes are in Nevada. This is still a disputed border that has produced a “no mans land” between the two states. Congress has voted to approve a major airport just south of Jean, which is within 10 miles of Sandy Valley. This airport is supposed to take the pressure off of McCarren Airport in Las Vegas which is scheduled to reach its capacity by 2010. The proposed air port is now on hold. Manufactured homes constitute the majority of the residences in Sandy Valley. This is a real option for those individuals that do not care to live in the urban sprawl of the Las Vegas valley, but do want to be close for work, medical care, shopping and recreation. This is not a manicured area. It is a little on the rough and tumble side, but there are those individuals and families that would live not where else.

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